Unskilled Laborer:

Job summary: Responsible for performing several types of manual labor tasks that are project related. Candidates must have a strong work ethic and ability to learn, demonstrate and apply newly acquired skills.  Unskilled applicants will be required to perform tasks related to heavy highway construction, general construction and will likely be required to use a variety of hand tools and instruments such as levels and tape measures.  Unskilled applicants will also be responsible for the cleanliness and preparation of the construction site.  All applicants will also be required to maintain a safe and healthy work environment by removing trash, debris and bringing other potential hazards to the project foreman immediately. 

CDL Dump Truck Driver:

Job Summary:   The purpose of the dump truck driver position is to transport materials to and from construction project sites and transport materials needed for the daily operation of OEL Construction Inc. in general.  The driver will be responsible for the safe and responsible transportation of materials to and from designated work areas in accordance with all rules and regulations put in place by the Iowa DOT and all local, State and Federal authorities.  Rules, regulations and restrictions put in place by OEL Construction Inc. will also be in effect.  The driver must have a current CDL Class A w/air brake endorsement in good standing and maintain said license and endorsement at all times while employed in the position.  If at any time the driver where to have the license or endorsement revoked or suspended for any reason the requirements for employment will be considered unmet and the driver will immediately forfeit driving duties.  The CDL driver will be required at times to work in adverse weather conditions, weekends and evenings.

Skilled Laborer/Finisher:

Job summary: Responsible performing acquired skills which will include hard general/manual labor tasks that are project related.  Candidates must have a strong work ethic, ability to teach and demonstrate skills to less skilled workers and expand own skill set as required by project requirements.  Perform skills involving physical labor which will include but will not be limited to highway construction, concrete construction and heavy construction projects.  Will also be required to operate hand and power tools of all types and a variety of other equipment and instruments without supervision. Clean and prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards.



CDL Dump truck Driver